Friday, April 2, 2010

My Brag fest step 2 - Powerhouse Color on there way to a Milestone

I was not overwhelmed with contacts and personal messages, from my first blog and social media brag fest about Powerhouse Color. Are you saying I could have told you that? Do you believe social media is not a great way to market a business?  Well here is the cool thing, create great fans "Evangelists" and they will do most of the work for you. Like me!

Here is what has been happening for Powerhouse Color from the first Blog 2 days ago. David and i spoke yesterday and Powerhouse Color is seeing an increase in traffic, new fans and business. Hey that's encouraging.

After 19 years, almost 50,000 clients there are plenty more fans who love what Powerhouse Color has done for them. What can you do?

  • Speak up, say thank you, call David, send him an email or how about the 3 best things anyone can do for another business. 
    1. Refer someone to them
    2. Use them again
    3. Brag about them
  •  Number 1 and 2 we all know how to do.
    • Bragging can be done a few ways.
    1. Through Facebook by posting a comment on Powerhouse Color Fan Page
    2. Posting a comment on Twitter or Retweeting something about Powerhouse Color
    3. Put a link on your website and cross promote with Powerhose color here is there link.
Do it... Thats right do it and you will find others will do for you. There is nothing free in this world. However this only cost a little time and will benefit you in loyalty, friendship and more business. I say that is worth the little bit of time.

Alright start bragging!
PS. Happy Easter
PSS. Powerhouse Color is very close under 50 from having there 50,000 client. Will you win the prize?

Please share your experience, critiques, and kudos.

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