Sunday, March 28, 2010

How facebook leads to meeting Mrs North Carolina International

Okay she is a mother of 4 boys, married to Joe (that's not "Just another Joe"... lol) smart, talented, passionate and beautiful.

We have been conversing on facebook for about 6 months and last night we met at the Tara Davis fashion show at aloft in Ballantyne. It was easy for me to know who she was in her crown and how she new me by name goes to her and Facebook. Social media truly is the best enhancement to connecting people that I know of. This has lead to us connecting each other to contacts for each other. Cynthia is passionate about Alzheimer's and creating awareness. She created PURPLE PASSION 4 Alzheimer's

We have this in common, as she lost her grandpa and we lost my wife's mother to Alzheimer's. We both have done the Alzheimer's walk several times and Cynthia wanted to take it further. Please help her with her dream and passion.

She has also graciously offered to help us with our passion and Hats and Hooves to benefit The Avon Walk for Breast Cancer. This has impacted my family personally.

Here is the link for Cynthia's Press Release as the winner of Mrs. North Carolina International. Cynthia I enjoyed our conversation and remember discussing 6 degrees of separation, I think Social media proves it is shrinking.

Congratulations on being such an incredible role model and thank you for all your work in helping Alzheimer awareness. You definitely belong in my "AWESOMEST" people I know. I know its not a word in the dictionary and I say it should be.
Please share your experience, critiques, and kudos.

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