Tuesday, April 6, 2010

36 away from 50,000 completed client projects. Powerhouse Color you hopped right through Easter.

This is getting exciting. I just found out via email that they are at 49964 jobs completed as of 4:20pm yesterday.

First there is a prize for whomever is the 50,000 client. I love prizes! What is the prize? A $150.00 Ruth Chris gift certificate if you are their 50,000th client. Yeah!

I can't imagine how exciting that is for David Ginn and his staff at Powerhouse Color. I only recently met them and was so blown away by how quick and great the service and quality was that I wanted to prove that social media works as a way to find and promote a business.

Have you ever said "I wish I new someone who is good at...?" How about, "I need a great place to stay in ...?" or "I want to buy the a baby stroller can anyone recommend one" Any question will get you an answer.

I challenge you to stop googling for referrals and start asking your friends on Social media like facebook, Twitter and linkedin. Google is great for research and in my opinion it is not as good at making a personal recommendation.

So let me answer this question for you. Who do you recommend for your print and graphics needs in Charlotte NC? My personal recommendation is Powerhouse Color.

Next time you want to know something just ask, your amazing group of friends, fans, connections and followers. You will be glad you did!

Please share your experience, critiques, and kudos.

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