Sunday, April 11, 2010

Have you ever completed 50,000 of anything?

How many is 50,000? Why should you care? Well I will answer the second one first, that is a huge accomplishment. Powerhouse Color is a printing company I am bragging about because of the great service they gave us at Charlotte Seen. They are about to hit a mile stone of 50,000 jobs completed. They will accomplish this in 19years.

What does 50,000 look like?
  1. If you eat 3 meals a day it will take you over 45 years to eat 50,000 meals.
  2. Twice around the earth at the equator would only be about 49,800 miles. Did I say ONLY?
  3. Some tennis experts say you will probably get how to hit a tennis ball by the time you hit your 50,000th tennis ball.
  4. It was estimated that Apple sold 50,000 iPads in the first two hours they were available.
  5. 50,000 babies are born in the USA about every 5 days.
  6. Do you have a 50,000 example to share?
Well David Ginn the President at Powerhouse Color is 8 print jobs away from completing this goal. The winner will receive a $150.00 Ruth Chris gift certificate and all kinds of attention. This should happen Monday April 12 or Tuesday April 13th.

Who will the winner be?
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