Friday, December 10, 2010

Why we are excited about the Google Chrome OS (Operating Systems)

I am so tired of "UPDATES" as a starting point. Here is more...

* Updating Software, and every darn thing that seems to run on my computer. uggh!

* Finding data stored between my laptop, and desktop (I know there are cloud solutions to this)

* Update Antivirus

* Adjusting computer operating system setting and checking for more updates

*** I promise this list is endless or it seems that way.

* It sucks to have to buy faster computers, to run even more stored software.

We re super excited, "I am" I sure hope this is that solution. If so I am in.

We have been looking for a "Cloud" Solution to the issue. This is better describe below by Taylor Hatmaker who did a fantastic job describing this.

Bottom line we are searching for a central location to store, access and work with all our data that is easy, fast and as simple as possible to use. Google Chrome OS, I hope is that place. Fingers crossed...Toes as well.

We want to find out how well this will work for us, and we applied to be a tester for the Google Chrome OS. There is a link below if you are interested.

If you or anyone you now can add to this article. The pros and cons, opinions regarding Google Chrome OS or any other solution that is better, stronger faster (I am actually a Spiderman fan, just couldn't think of something Spidey would say). Please, Please Please share it below or better yet post it on our Facebook page directly by going to I know this is a huge interest point for us and many people we talk with.

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Chrome OS: What you need to know

Meet Google's solution for mobile computing

There might be something to this whole app thing after all. With the launch of Google's Chrome OS and Chrome Web Store, our computers might soon be full of tiny rounded app squares, just like our phones are. You've probably heard of Chrome as an existing web browser known for its speed and simplicity. Google Chrome OS looks to extend these principles into a full operating system, using the Chrome Web Store to populate its new OS with apps that make our online lives that much simpler.
The company developed Chrome OS as an operating system optimized for netbooks, just as Android is an operating system mainly for smartphones (and the occasional tablet). The netbook OS intends to trim the fat from mobile computing, emphasizing speed, ease of use, and battery life over power and most everything else. Google is known for its cloud storage vision, and with Chrome OS, everything we do online will be backed up on the web and accessible from anywhere.
Quick Chrome OS facts

  •  Most Chrome OS netbooks will be priced between $300 and $400

  •  A 12" netbook called the Cr48 is the flagship Chrome device, meant to test drive the new operating system. Applications are now open for the Cr48 pilot program (if you're an intrepid early adopter who likes to poke at such shiny new things, you can apply here to be part of the Chrome OS pilot program).

  •  Chrome OS is an entirely "open" platform, meaning that developers are welcome to pry it open and make any changes as they see fit. This practice is almost universally discouraged by major players in the technology world

  •  Chrome OS is closely integrated with your existing Google account

  •  Like we said, Chrome will rely heavily on web-apps from the Chrome Web Store

  •  Chrome OS devices will aim to boot up very quickly for an "instant on" experience. Cr48 computers boot up in 10 seconds.

  •  Acer and Samsung will put out Chrome OS netbooks by mid 2011

  •  Chrome OS will be updated very frequently. This means that you'll never have to buy a box containing the newest version, like with a normal OS. Updates will be free over the airwaves, making for a very secure OS that Google intends to improve upon constantly. They want Chrome netbooks to get faster over time instead of gradually slowing down like most computers. 

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