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LinkedIn: How to add the LinkedIn Recommendations Button to you Website

LinkedIn has been adding to the companies page and I like what I am seeing. The LinkedIn recommendation button is something I think most of us would benefit from. All the details are below.

Two other additions to add to your LinkedIn companies page, are discussed.

1. Gather Insights on how well your Company Page is Doing.

Use the LinkedIn Analytics tab on your companies Page to learn who and where your visitors are from. Nice!

How will this data be of value to you?

2. Have more control over your brand’s Company Page

Control who can have access. I strongly recommend including your team and use all resources to strategically promote.

Will you use the LinkedIn Recommendation button on your Site?

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Add LinkedIn Recommendations widget to your site and gather Insights

We have over 50,000 products and services represented on LinkedIn Company Pages today and that number is growing at a pretty rapid clip.
With millions of LinkedIn members following over a million companies on LinkedIn, we are glad to introduce a range of new capabilities for companies to glean insights, ways to both manage their Company Page more effectively and to make it easier for customers to recommend them.
Here are three new features we’re launching this week for companies:
1. Gather insights on how well your Company Page is doing today
On your Company Page’s Analytics tab, you can now see how many LinkedIn members are visiting your Company Page and how many LinkedIn members are following your company. You can also see what industries, functions and companies these professionals come from. Finally, you can also track how they are interacting with your Careers Tab or Products and Services Tab, how many are clicking on your promotional banners, and how many choose to contact employees at your company etc.
In short, everything that you need to know to manage your company’s presence on LinkedIn is now available via the Analytics tab. And for every one of these data slices, you can compare yourself against similar companies to benchmark your performance.
2. Have more control over your brand’s Company Page
We’ve now included more flexibility for Company Page managers to manage the editing and privacy settings with our new administrative controls. You could give every single employee at your company editing rights to your Company Page. Or if you’d prefer to give editing rights to just a select few employees, that’s an option as well.
3. Make it easy for your customers to recommend you by adding LinkedIn’s Recommend button on your site
When happy customers recommend your products and services, you get the most authentic, credible endorsements. Why not make it easier for your happy customers to bring you more customers? Embed this “recommend” button on your website, for each of your services or products so your customers can recommend away with ease – again, with just the click of a mouse.
The code:

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://platform.linkedin.com/in.js“></script><script type=”in/recommendproduct” data-company=”CompanyID” data-product=”ProductID″ data-counter=”right”></script>

To get your Company ID

Go to linkedin.com and click on “Companies” and search for your company by name. Go to your company profile. Your Company ID is the number in the URL i.e. the URL follows the format http://www.linkedin.com/company/CompanyID. Replace “CompanyID” in the above code snippet with your actual Company Id.

To get your Product ID

To get code snippets for additional services (or products), just replace the Product ID # (data-product=) in the code snippet above. You can find the Product ID # for any of your products from the URL of your respective product pages – it’s the number that follows “prdid=” in the URL.
For example, LinkedIn’s Company ID is 1337, and the Product ID for Recruiter is 1441.
Code example to recommend LinkedIn’s Recruiter product

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”http://platform.linkedin.com/in.js“></script><script type=”in/recommendproduct” data-company=”1337” data-product=”1441″ data-counter=”right”></script>
Ryan Roslansky December 10th, 2010
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