Tuesday, December 14, 2010

How Google Hotpot will help your local business listing

Cindy King and Ron Capps recommended this.

Surprise I do as well.

It will be interesting to see how Google handles this in their limited testing in Portland, OR and other test markets. It has tremendous potential for local marketplaces and hyper-local marketing. Monitor the ways it is used and any potential impact you can detect on local brands or markets where it is in use.

Google already have Places that provide a local business with the opportunity to get found online by potential customers. Places can be set up for free and Google also have a few related products that a local business needs to pay attention to - particularly Google Hotpot

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Google Places, Tags & Hotpot

Google are continuing to increase the number of services they provide to local business owners.  If you have been wondering what Google Tags and Google Hotspot are below is a brief summary and the video explains everything.
They already provide Google Places  - a free place to create and develop an online listing for your local business, and they also have two other additions.
Google Tags
Now you can "tag" your business with a yellow highlighter so if you have anything you want potential customers to know it will stand out.
Google Hotpot
Google Hotpot with places, Google places for wellness marketing
People can log in to rate your business using Google Hotpot and provide you with reviews. These ratings and reviews help your Google Places listing results so it is worth asking your customers to do this.
Google Boost
This provides online advertising opportunities and you can pay (a little like pay per click but this is local pay per click)
According to the video neither Tags or Boost will make a difference to where your listing appears in search results, only Hotpot will
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