Tuesday, December 21, 2010

How do you make a meeting Productive? LinkedIn Q&A

Why is this a Hot topic on Linkedin? So many viewpoints were shared (see link to linkedIn)

We all want to be productive and therefore the search for answers to making the best use of our time is crucial to our financial and personal success and lifestyle.

Have you found a way to make this happen for yourself?

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What do you think of meetings? Mostly useful or mostly useless?

What are some tips for having very productive meetings?

Clarification added 1 day ago:

Jason Fried says that there are 2 problems with meetings:

1) we schedule them in increments of time as designed by software we use, like 15 minutes, 30 mins, an hour. We never schedule an 8-minute meeting when often this is how much time we need.

2) when we schedule an hour meeting with 10 people in it, it's not a 1-hour meeting, it's a 10-hour meeting. That's expensive to the company. So the productivity gains from that meeting need to be significant to justify the cost.

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