Friday, December 3, 2010

Find more Friends from the past with Facebook Friend Browser

Have you tried this yet? If not I highly recommend it especially to find friends from school or past jobs.

Is this useful or just another tool?

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In an effort to help people discover more of their friends, Facebook has updated their find friends browser. The tool, which allows people to find existing friends, has gone through a number of changes in the past few months.

This latest version is clean and is extremely effective at browsing through friends based on various Facebook profile details, including the schools you attended, your hometown, and more. The new tool is currently accessible here. While Facebook previously suggested friends, the model has evolved to enable users to more efficiently discover friends that they already know.

By default the browser shows those individuals who you are most likely to know, most often ranked by mutual friends as well as other factors that aren’t clear. The most significant aspect of this new page is how fast it loads. You simply load it up and can just scroll through indefinitely, browsing through people who you are most likely to know. It’s a pretty slick tool and it’s one that I’m sure many users will find to be useful.

Thanks to Eti Suruzon and Adam Carson for letting us know!

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