Monday, December 6, 2010

Facebook profile page, Is this a clever strategy?

Interesting thoughts, I was wondering what you thought. Useful tool for you or is it a clever way for Facebook to collect more personal information about you?

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Facebook has been pretty clever with their new profile page

Facebook has always been very clever about how it worked and how it got the user to share more of his personal data.

From my own experience, it is one of the very few services where you would find users sharing their actual photos in the profile pic section.

And they are also the world’s most popular photo sharing service with billions of photos uploaded every month.

The amount of personal data they have on their servers is probably mind boggling and they are not done yet.

A lot of Facebook users do not fill in all the details in their personal profile and that is what Facebook aims to fix with their just launched updated profile section.

The update profile page would showcase a mini biography of you at the top below the user name.

And fields that you have not filed would be shown as empty with a request to enter the data.

We believe that a lot of folks would find these empty fields annoying and they would take 5 minutes out of their daily routine to fill them up.

Mission accomplished! And that is without requesting the users to do the hard work. They just launched a profile page that pretty much make them do it on their own.

It is a pretty darn impressive done by the Facebook user interface team. Very very clever indeed.


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