Friday, July 16, 2010

Disturbing Admission: Social Media doesn't work

That's right. Don Crowther -- the Big Kahuna of social media... and the guy who created the breakthrough social media training program SMARTS -- just posted a free, new video called "Social Media Doesn't Work."

Check out "Social Media Doesn't Work" here

Now, I must admit, when I first heard about this video, I was flabbergasted. I
mean, what in the heck is the world's #1 expert on social media doing bashing
social media? I am a huge fan and promote it, so this did not sit well.
Has he lost his marbles... or has he just seen the light?

Turns out it's neither.  You see, Don readily admits that for most people 
social media doesn't work.

And the reason is simple:  it's because of a costly mistake that most social 
media marketers are making right now.

...a mistake that will doom your social media efforts to failure.

And a mistake that explains why so many are saying, "social media doesn't work."

Watch "Social Media Doesn't Work" here or Click Here

The good news is, on this eye-opening video, Don shows you the deceptively 
simple, but highly effective secrets that can turn it all around and let you
finally start making money with social media.

These are the same secrets Don, his clients and his students have been using 
to rake in millions of dollars using social media to market their products and 

And here's something else:  Don is also going to give you a down-loadable 
worksheet that shows you in just 5 minutes precisely how well you're doing with 
social media.  You'll quickly discover whether you're wasting your time, or are 
on your way to making serious money.

Believe me, this video and worksheet are crucial if you want to find success 
with social media.  

Check out "Social Media Doesn't Work" here or Click Here

Last thing:  the video has been specially formatted so you can watch it on 
your iPhone, iPad or iTouch without any hassles or delays.

I urge you to check out the video right away -- and then start putting Don's 
ideas to work in your business right away.



P.S.  By the way, Don also shares some remarkable social media success 
stories on the video -- from companies that are doing social media right.  
~And he names names.

Watch the "Social Media Doesn't Work" here or Click Here
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