Friday, January 22, 2010

My Dream Is Possible hits 500 Fans

Here is a wonderful and amazing facebook fan page called My Dream is Possible. It was started by Michael Catlow. This fan page is incredible from the amazing stories and dreams shared to the from the heart comments and encouragement from other fans. This page will impact you in so many ways. I have followed it since it started about 7weeks ago.
We suggest you become a fan and here what others dream about doing with there lives. It is putting it out to the world that is so powerful and yet so intimidating for many of us. You will see the heart felt emotion in many of the videos as you see how important their dream is to them. It is awesome check it out by clicking here

Post you thoughts and comments welcomed!
Michaels also owner of The Michael Catlow Group a fantastic Wedding and Event Company proving DJ, Videography, Photography and event planning. Can you tell I am a big fan.  Click here to see what they can do for you.

Media by: Biz Buzz Media
Charlotte Seen: “Be Seen”

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