Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Who do you know thats amazing? Want to become a phlogger? Thanks...The Positive World

Want to share who you know thats amazing. maybe its an amzing friend, maybe its an amazing business person, or maybe its an amazing person you met. We invite you to share.

Here are a few ways we can think of:

  1. Want to do a live recording; dial 866-488-3946 (toll free) when asked type in Pin 4075. You are now live and can record an audio clip. It can be interview style, or just you bragging about the amazing person you know. This will get sent directly to us and we will upload it to the blog. Please include any contact information you would like us to include.
  2. We will post it onto the blog at www.bizbuzzmedia.net 
  3. You can email a link to your story, video, audio etc to theteam@bizbuzzmedia.net
  4. Share via twitter at www.twitter.com/bizbuzzmedia or facebook by sharing it on Biz Buzz Media Fan Page
  5. Share the youtube url like The positive world did in this one
  6. Ok were waiting! Have fun!

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